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We were very happy with our returning visitor levels...30% daily. Then we realised this was ridiculously high and double checked with our developer if he'd excluded our own IP addresses (particularly the customer service girls, who take orders over the phone, using the website). He hadn't!

So we set up a tracking code, appended to the end of the homepage url, for each member of the team, so analytics would recognise them. eg mine is http://www.arenaflowers.com/?utm_source=arena_cs&utm_medium=WW

This threw up some really interesting results: 1. 25% of our revenue, ac analytics' ecommerce tools, is taken by the girls over the phone, which is surprisingly high for a web business. Not quite sure why yet. Watch this space! 2. ecommerce stats allow us to start some healthy competition between the girls...eg "Katie, your average selling price is x today vs Ruth's x +10%". Cue much whooping from Ruth and competitive chat from Katie.

All good for morale...and the top line!

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