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We need to go back, and first try to understand what the ancient cultures left us on papyrus and hieroglyphs, they were aware of such technology that we can only dream about, we think we are advance, but Ill bet that we can not build for example another great pyramid.

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Whether it is worth to talk about a mass of 3-dimensional technology before it becomes known to the level of prices for 3D TV? Finally, it may be wise to skip a generation or two 3D TV to wait for reasonable prices and enough content?

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I don't know what to think about this because that's a hard problems since years ago, the govenment should be conscious about it, because ourselves are destroying the world with those stupids invents.

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incredible what men can do when they set out to it. Good or bad, men have a huge cerebral capacity that only evolves towards expansion.

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Alex Poophead

you are a poophead! we spent an hour making a paper airplane that isnt even a plane! it's a dart that only goes straight! no stunts! i am angry! why would you tell us that it's a "pleasure to make" AFTER we made it!?!?!?! it sucked! i hate you and your piss-shit haircut!

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