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mate I remain super impressed by the stuff you do. I have so far still to go. This pesky job thing keeps getting in the way :) That being said I do love my job :)


Loving "work to not work" - makes sense to do as little as possible to achieve the desired result rather than just keeping yourself busy to feel productive.

On BusSongs, I previously had all comments go through a moderation queue. I've now changed it to so that comments are passed through a filter (profanity, regex on long words/repeat characters/etc) and then are automatically published. Another update is coming this week so that users can flag bad comments and these are then sent into a review queue. Good idea on using FB/user profiling to try and rank the worthiness of a review. Could get smart with rewarding/punishing people based on the accuracy of their reports and then using that to rank new reports in the future - but I suspect that's overkill for a site of our scale.

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