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I've been in internet marketing for 10yrs one way or another and it's a kick arse job. I also really love being out on the river in the early morning rowing, it's just awesome to glide over flat calm water, pushing the boat along with your team mates, the blades just gliding above the water and bubbles streaming under the boat as the sun comes up. Even if I don't win another race I will never, ever tire of that feeling and experience.

In my spare time I also really enjoy making paper airplanes and have been doing that for the best part of 20yrs. I have an awesome website on paper airplanes at and a paper airplanes book experiment going on right now at where I hope everyone will help me write the best ever paper airplanes book.

Over the last 2 yrs I have been thinking a lot about APIs and webservices and having a great deal of fun playing with them and this website is all about sharing the knowledge I have gained through working on my personal websites, SEO consultancy, web developement and api programming. I am hoping I have some valuable stuff to share!

Everything on this blog is my own personal thinking and does not reflect the thoughts of my employer.


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