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I should say this method help me a lot to fix the problems I was having with this system. I was enhancing my dessert recipes database, but I had not idea which the correct manner to repair it was. Fortunately this is a good solution, because that problem was freaking me out.

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Oh I want to have a cocktail recipes database it sounds great, because if somebody visit you, you can prepare them any cocktail of your list, I think that it is a very cool idea and is very functional. I will do my own database but with all the dishes that I can prepare.


Thanks for the read. I agree with the points you made. http://www.rapidmediafire.com also has peoples thoughts on the matter.

Ben Mearns

@jamal, should be:

CREATE TABLE temp_blog SELECT ID, blog_id FROM 'se_posts'

notice "CREATE TABLE temp_blog ..." rather than "CREATE temp_blog ..."


Pls help me that sql is not run
CREATE temp_blog SELECT ID, blog_id FROM `se_posts`

why not its run?

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