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Grant Glendinning

Hey Alex - as you seem to know what you're talking about with Zeus redirects, I wondered if you'd be able to help. We just moved web servers, from a Linux running Plesk to a Linux running Zeus.

We need to redirect non-www to www using Zeus rules, since htaccess doesnt work on Zeus servers.

Any chance you could write out the script for doing so? I'm finding it near impossible and the longer it takes to find a solution - the more orders we are losing.

Thank you!

Jamie Mckean

Hi there could you please drop me and e-mail on what script your used to recognize the URL used to call the file and then pull out the variable number

match URL into $ with ^/[0-9]*-(.*)\.html$
if matched then
set URL = http://www.cocktailmaking.co.uk/showcocktail.php
end if

My web hosts uses Zeus aswell and i need to use friendly SEO links

My e-mail is [email protected]

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