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The fact that there are plenty of people who might volunteer, as Paul rightly says, does not mean that it would be right to indulge them.

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The fact that there are plenty of people who might volunteer, as Paul rightly says, does not mean that it would be right to indulge them.


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Previous research on job incentives has found that when they are unexpected, they have a greater impact on productivity.


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Einer Elhauge is guest-blogging over at Volokh, and raising a bunch of interesting questions. One post draws a parallel between ELS and sabermetrics, leading one (clearly Boston-based) wag to ask, "if empirical legal studies are like sabermetrics, who is the legal equivalent of Joe Morgan?"

I'm not touching that one... But, in the spirit of the (baseball) season, I'd offer the following instead. Empirical researchers are taught early on to beware of selection bias -- drawing incorrect inferences from data which are nonrandomly sampled from a population. (An example would be concluding that early humans lived predominantly in caves, on the basis of finding paintings, remains of fire pits, and so forth there; because such artifacts are more likely to survive in caves than elsewhere, the available archaeological data are subject to selection bias). We also learn that there are ways of dealing with such data, including the class of "selection models" first developed by James Heckman.*

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