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A look at things from other people's ideas, the activity of mind to know other people who never have to worry for their future.

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I have of late took up my own blog so its good to pickup points from what you have going here. Many Thanks.

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so with this little modification I can left my Linux with this amazing application, fantastic I await for something like this for a long time, my Linux version has become bored, I need something to work.

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fantastic, only a question, this process can apply in Windows or the code change? I ask this because I want to learn to modified bith OS, this because I want to be like a freelancer in computer world, lear a little bit of everything.


It's so lucky for me to find your blog! So shocking and great!

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I know that the script works, because it does what I want it to when I load the page in the browser. But it doesn't do anything when I try to use it with a cron job?@!? Any ideas?


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