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This has been of great support. I have been trying to run a cronjob for more than a year without success. So I decided to use online cron site. Until I decided to do a search on the web before I found this article. Thanks as this article has helped me on cronjobs with 1and1.

Mike Sav

My cronjobs just aren't working. I have 2 files I wan't to run on my server they are in a sub folder called admin, the crontab contents look like this...

#do this every day at 0901
01 09 * * * admin/Script1.php
#do this at 19:01 every day
01 19 * * * admin/Script2.php

Now after I edit and save there's no error warning but the scripts aren't doing what they are suppossed to (I've checked the php and it's fine). Now am I missing a command or do I need to put ORIG_PATH_TRANSLATED before the script paths for example ORIG_PATH_TRANSLATED/admin/Script1.php or perhaps a different path.

Can someone please help me.



This was extremely helpful. I was lost in the editor with no help from the 1and1 site. Thanks so much and great work!

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I have 1and1 hosting also.. and I can't get the cronjobs to work at all. I tried contacting their support, and they wont' help me. We talk about 1 hour ..., and they wont' help me.


Thanks!. Very useful article. It helped me!


Tried following your tutorial but it failed. After using PuTTY to SSH into my account I get the message:

This account is restricted by rssh
Allowed commands: sftp

Then it quits out, can't go any further. Any help?

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