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With still one slot for a randomly chosen one, so that new cocktails could be introduced or changes in tastes be reflected.
But your approach really sounds like the best one.
If not, you might want to ponderate with one of the above. Or any other idea - I probably did not list all the possibilities.

Let us know the outcome. Btw, I just browse very rapidly through your site, but can't wait to have some cocktails logged


I really like the site, and I also celebrate the fact that it is getting better ! I have gotten lots of great cocktails ideas from it. Congratulations

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indeed, this analizys is soo complete, and the best part it's that is only the first part, I can't wait for the rest of the history and put in practice all the advices, after all if you put the information is because you has try and checked the method.

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Alex Schultz

Hey Keith,

I definitely am keen to improve the search experience on the site and am having a strong think about how to do that... I need to start creating search logs and understanding what happens when users search and how well it works. For now I am focussed on this project because, frankly, it's easier!!!

Regarding your note NatC I actually do have the ability for users to tag and save their favourite cocktails and a few hundred are doing so at the moment. It's not a huge feature yet and I made a few tweaks to it last week to try and improve it. Any suggestions I can hear on how to make that better though would be awesome... my users simply don't seem to get the concept of tagging.

Keith Mander

How about creating a recommendation wizard? Select your favourite alcoholic beverages, fruits etc. and then out pops the highest rated cocktail that satisfies the criteria.

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