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Strange, I would have thought the difference in speed of your pages would pale in comparison to how slow Facebook's proxying is. Most of our pages are served in a fraction of a second but take a lot longer to appear.

Do you have stats on the load speed during the two pages. A 5sec page is obviously going to turn people off, where as if the difference was between 0.5 and 1 secs, this would be very interesting.


Interesting point re facebook. Our app is generating 15% of our site traffic daily and taking nearly as much processing power as our checkout.

It's not slowing anything down just yet so we'll leave it on, but not quite sure what will happen on valentine's day when we get 10 days' traffic in one day!

I suspect the finger will be hovering over the kill switch for the app (though, we'd rather leave it on as that is precisely one of the peak periods when we'd hope to monetise the app).



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