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I was wondering if you know just how badly your site has ripped off webtender.com

Seriously, this is bad bad practice. Funny thing is your search function doesn't work properly! So why visit it anyway.

Jokes. Thief.


Sidenote* I don't think your trackbacks are working properly.

alex schultz

I was actually very general with my ask from 2pixel solutions. The plan was to get a design that was more graphical and more professional but to give them the leeway to do what they want to do.

The cost in the end was $750 which I was happy with... I had quotes as low as $500 to redo the entire site but I wanted to go with 2pixel as they produced the best design of the bunch as a proposal.

All round a great experience.



I'm just curious how much the new design cost you? How much was your original design/idea versus what 2Pixels contributed? There's no current space on the home page for ads, what was the thinking behind that?


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