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I assumption that the more good user acquaintance would be for Google to accommodate the links to the capital web area for all the las vegas restaurants

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What legal issues, if any, are there with linking to Yahoo's site?
For example, say I wanted to build a website where I have links along with the topic title for a site like Yahoo! Answers. I wouldn't be hosting any of the actual content, I'd just have links along with the matching titles.

Is this potentially a copyright infringement?

Brad West


I was out looking for some Las Vegas stuff after the Dark hour and all last Saturday and came across your post. Thank you for pointing the Yahoo thing out I must take some time and look into this myself. If you are into back linking give us a chat at somepoint.

Nice site
Brad West ~ onomoney

Andrew H

I'm glad you spotted this. These links have been around for at least a year (most likely longer). I remember spotting them just before Christmas and thinking WTF?

I wonder what Yelp are getting in return for these links? Links back? Heavily featured in search monkey? Better rev share on display advertising?

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