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goodmail is excellent ! I like it because I receive the mails that I want! Most of friends trust goodmails because even though it is very difficult to prevent every single spam mail, at least this mail filters mails much better than others.


I've received many good-mails in my inbox too and I think that they take ours mails from friends that have send a lot of mails so they have a big historial and they can make publicity through that.

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Yanni @ Adknowledge, Inc

Alex - I believe you are referring to either behavior targeting or contextual targeting which is not what we do. We use predictive analytics targeting which is also referred as nearest neighbor. Please feel free to reach out to me off line and I can explain more on how we select campaigns and provide you a diagram of this system.

Yanni, Adknowledge, Inc

Tamara - We are not adding any disclosure in the email stating when and how user opted-in to the list. We provide this in the welcome message with an option to opt-out so if someone mistyped an email or someone else signs you up, you can choose to discontinue before you receive any offers. That said, we are considering adding a statement in the message that provides the opt-in information on each message so we can avoid such escalations in future.

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