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Dear F,
Thanks for ur waiting.Now i am very busy.so next day i meet with on line.


Hey how about an enhancement to let people know how long they are blocked for. Now that would be a basic enhancement that would be nice for people you blocked that are not hackers and just like to email friends and your system locks them out. I am a developer and I just can not believe that you would just block people and not let them know for how long and give them no way to contact anyone about the block especially if they are not hackers. And to top it off every time you go to see if the block has been lifted it adds more time to the block. Do you see the issue here? You tell someone they are blocked but not for how long and then every time they check to see if the block has been lifted you add more time. Who the he$*'s idea was that they should be fired! I am sorry but this was the only way I could give feedback because I could not find a way on your site to do it. That's another issue I found, you offer no email to a tech support or product enhancement mailbox?

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