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Wanneer je kunt de dingen die je wilt voelen kunnen zeggen wat je voelt als dit is een zeer gelukkige tijd te voelen.

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This is good article. A friend without faults will never be found.

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If a natural disaster happens you will find out first on facebook or any social network than the media and you can get more accurate information from them than media.

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This isn't even close to being true. Please follow the Raw Data link and look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Current CES Economic News Release - Employment Situation Summary and you will see that it cannot possibly be correct. Beware you coolaid drinkers, you are taking us all down with you.

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It ends there, with Amber calmed down by Kendra, with Natalie trying to scream her point of view into the faces of a bored Flornia & Portia. There's nothing more to say, so the producers play a 90 second clip of the upcoming season, which will include a fight on an asphalt driveway, a fight with a picture frame, a fight in a club, a fistfight in a limousine, and all the other sorts of things that this show is known for.

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