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Thanks a lot for this! I was looking exactly for that. While playing around with your script I found out that you can actually get rid of the whole beautifulsoup parsing / replacing stuff. You can simply put a css class in the style section for each country you want to change...

in the svg file it says:
* Additional style rules
* The following are examples of colouring countries. You can substitute these with your own styles to colour the countries on the map.
* Color a few countries:
* .gb, .au, .nc
* {
* fill: #ff0000;
* }

so basically you your search for the closing style tag and insert a css block for each country there

stylekey="/style> "#insert opening bracket I had to remove it or your comment form strips the tag

for cntry,rate in yourdatadict.iteritems():

.%s {
fill: %s;

f = open(SVGOUTFILE, "w")

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