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Ah! haha well then I'm sure you're than familiar with the wickedfire crowd and their mentality.

Anyway, I just discovered your blog through the post you made on Facebook about your youtube views. I'm inspired, I have to say! I came over to learn a little more about how you went about building your sites and see if there's some things I could do with my own, which there most certainly is, so thank you.


totally agree Michael! Had to deal with a lot of that in my day job at Facebook and in my various panels at ASW and ASE over 2008-1010


Alex if you think this is bad, you may want to read about the Acai Berry/Colon Cleanse/Teeth Whitening/College Loans rebill programs that were huge in 2009/2010. A lot of affiliates and networks making huge amounts of money, in some cases $M/week.


Good on you Alex. If you piss in the soup long enough, eventually it will stop tasting like soup...

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